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Innovative battery solutions for the independent aftermarket

Exide is introducing the next generation of light vehicle batteries to the aftermarket. Many ideas found in the new range were first developed in our original equipment business, where we design batteries for leading carmakers.


The pioneering new range was designed to support the latest technologies, including Start-Stop and energy recuperation. This means powerful performance todayand readiness for the future of the car parc.

High-performance batteries to keep your business moving

Logistics is more important than ever, with customers expecting faster and more predictable deliveries. In this competitive environment, fleet owners are focusing on total cost of ownership. After all, when a truck is off the road, it leads to customer dissatisfaction, unused labor and capital, and potential fines and penalties.

Exide designed its battery range to reduce the risk of breakdowns and give customers a competitive advantage. You get market-leading performance, lower total cost of ownership, and battery options for any use case. As a true expert in OE batteries, Exide helps you select the right battery. For fleet owners and installers alike, it is vital to make the right choice for the conditions of use. Three important criteria to consider in battery performance are: vibration resistance, cycling endurance and cranking power.

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