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Since its establishment in 1984 in Liberia, H&A has continued to follow that same path of rapid growth for more than 30 years. And it's that commitment and depth in knowledge of the market which has made the corporation a great success in the manufacture; and marketing a vast array of effective, premium products with high durability and standards.


H&A Corporation acts as a distributor for several leading manufacturers of worldwide brands from multiple nations. Throughout the years, we exhibited outstanding performance in supplying high quality products. With a team of over 100 employees, H&A operates at a high level of professionalism and provides a unique customer service.

We maintain our customers’ loyalty by meeting their needs, the ability to deliver for them comprehensive service and maintenance, and providing them with high quality products and solutions. Moreover, our expertise and deep knowledge in the African market lead to a greater customer satisfaction.

Today, H&A has taken its rightful place on the leading edge of being the most powerful distributor of durable and standard generator sets to local and international organizations as well as business houses, hospitals, schools, embassy and residential buildings with a 24/7 trained and specialized maintenance team.

We are proud to gain the confidence and reliability of several worldwide companies and manufacturers to serve as the country’s authorized distributor. 


And as the company sees demand for new and different kinds of power expanding to levels previously unseen, the commitment to innovative products and responsive after-sale support and unmatched value is stronger than ever.

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